Value & Technical Edge

Our management team consist of aviation industry professionals who have been leaders in delivering continuous improvement in safety, productivity and financial performance. The advantage we have is decades of technical experience having been mainline operators ourselves who have managed C and D Checks together with major repair and modification programs. We have direct planning and management experience of the landmark Boeing 747 Section 41 pylon attachment modifications and worked with Boeing on the very first 737-800 cargo conversion project known as the Boeing 737 Converted Freighter Program (BCF). We have been recognized by Boeing with an achievement medal for support and good work on the BCF prototype.

The Boeing BCF Cargo Door installation is a major modification which requires structural changes including skin changes, replacement and re-enforcement of floor beams, re-enforcement of the lower lobe bulkhead and side frames, the moving of control cable pulley brackets, rerouting of electrical systems and installation of new barriers, bulkheads, galleys and more. Additionally, BASE has extensive in-house expertise on the implementation of various Supplemental Type-Certificates (STC) covering a variety of P2F Cargo conversion and modification programs including limited and full Cargo conversions for narrow and wide-body aircraft.

The above are just some of the highlights of the value and expertise you can expect from BASE when commissioning your project with our company.