Aircraft Pre-Purchase & Lease Return Inspection

BASE offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted aircraft Pre-purchase inspection and Lease Return (records preparation) services of narrow and wide body aircraft with emphasis on the entire family of Boeing and Airbus Passenger, Cargo, and Business Jets. Our customers range from airlines, leasing companies, Banks and investment funds to private investors seeking a professional, reliable, cost-effective solution for their aircraft survey needs around the globe with immediate response.

Our aircraft Pre-purchase inspections are performed by certified inspectors with decades of experience and designed to assess if the aircraft is capable of meeting FAA or EASA airworthiness standards prior to purchase as well as identifying any underlying cost exposure for Lessor clients seeking our Lease Return inspection services.

In summary, our surveys include but are not limited to:

A detailed physical inspection of the Exterior, Interior, Flight Deck, Avionics, Engines, Borescopes, MPA Runs, and review of airworthiness and registration requirements.   
A comprehensive review of all Certificates, Licenses, Statements, Equipment Lists, including all Engines, APU records, Component records, Landing Gear records, Manuals, and summary of all outstanding maintenance and next scheduled maintenance due on the Aircraft.

We offer a complete Engine and APU video Borescope inspection service as part of our enhanced Aircraft physical survey.

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